… And when we are tired by life, there suddenly pops up a story that speaks about hope.


“’Wow!! I love it. It’s so beautiful. Can I try it on, momma?’ my 6-year old daughter said, ‘Momma, momma, I’ll look beautiful, right? Just like an angel?’ And beautiful she looked, just like an angel. But little did I know, my little angel would actually come to be remembered as an angel of heaven, and that too, since that very day.

As we were heading back home from the mall, it started getting dark and I lost my way. I was still wondering which way to turn, when a speeding truck hit our car. In a flash, I got blinded. And suddenly, there was darkness all around.

When I woke up hours later, I came to know that I had lost both my legs. But, the worst was yet to come. My husband entered the room and gave me the most horrifying news of my life. We had lost our daughter. She didn’t make it. I was stupefied. Had I heard it correct? It just couldn’t be. Just moments back, she was there with me, tapping her feet to her favourite song as I drove. No, she couldn’t be gone. I cried and cried. For days and weeks, I simply kept sobbing. And then, as the doctors say, I went into depression. I don’t know how and when, but I remember being shifted to the Mental Care Home 7 months back. That day too, I cried. My husband watched on helplessly as I was pulled into the van and driven away. Our neighbours had complained about me to the state authorities, and hence the precautionary measure.

At the Home, they kept me isolated, since I had grown violent, and gave me medication regularly. After a month, I started to get better. I felt myself again. I came back home. The day I returned, I talked to my husband for hours, for the first time in a long time. And that was the day we decided. We decided to honour our child by doing something noble. The very next day, we got up early, and greeted each other cheerfully. It was a bright morning, sparkling sunshine on our life. We headed out or the orphanage. Just when we were about to enter, a little girl came running to me and, with a smile on her face, said,’ You know, you look just like my mommy did.’ Those few words were enough for us to bring her home with us. Today, I’m glad we did the right thing back then. Now, as I collect this ‘Best Student Award’ for her as her mom, I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to Kristen’s mom for creating such a wonderful child, and to her, for letting me be a part of her life, and for making mine more beautiful than I’d ever imagined. My Kristen’s got a big heart, and though there’s a tiny hole in it, it doesn’t really matter. Our life’s worth is not counted by the number of years we’ve lived, but the amount of time we actually ”live”. And, I can proudly say that my daughter has added life to her years, and not merely years to life. She has taught me to struggle, to live, and to see that there’s always a new beginning, that there’s no end to hope. Thank You, Kristen. I love you.”

Rachel fought back her tears as the crowd applauded hard. Kristen came running to her, and said, “Now I know why you look like my mommy, because you ARE my real mommy. And I love you too.” Rachel hugged her close and wiped her tears and took another decision. No, she wouldn’t lose this child. Yes, they had financial problems, but nothing was more important to her than Kristen right now. She had lost an angel already; she couldn’t afford to lose another one. Kristen would be operated, and very soon. She would manage the expenses, somehow. She wanted her daughter to be an angel, but a living one.