The fight within me

My life was perfect,

With just a single soul

With the right to appear in my dreams;

Roaming in the dark,

I had found a helping hand.

But a day soon came,

When life offered me more, than just a helping hand.

The time when You entered the picture,

When life gifted me, You…

I couldn’t explain, only could I feel

The whirlpool you created in my life.

I was ready to walk with you,

Willing to cross the extra mile,

But I couldn’t forget that single soul,

Who used to be the sole purpose of my life.

I had to make a decision,

I had to make the choice;

But the battle never ended,

And none could be the winner.

If I am to choose, how do I choose?

Whom do I choose, and Why do I choose?

Can’t I have both? Or can’t none be chosen?

For the fight within me grows bigger…

With every passing day.


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