​Laugh laugh laugh till you’re drained out, after all you’re a mass of energy and light and sparks. You’re like the lyrics of a Coldplay classic, call it magic, call it true.
If I ever met you, I’d probably tell you how my dark circles have gone darker and how my attempt at studying is disrupted by Ferrero Rochers and taxed pepsi cans. Sometimes, I feel like Zomato is my best friend, only it isn’t.
Third car in the fifth minute across the vegetable seller who calls his cart home, and he doesn’t budge, it’s his beauty sleep after all, oh on that note, aren’t we dying for Beauty and the Beast, we all are a little beauty and a little beast, but let’s leave that for another time.
The other day, my friend and I were in a cab, taking the city in, admiring it like it was someone else’s mistress, when we crossed two brightly lit over-the-ground metro stations; felt like our car was racing with the metro, and I swear I haven’t felt happier in a long time. Someone favourite had wisely said that no drug dealer could cut a deal sweeter than laughter.
Binging on boredom has become a ritual now, so tedious that I don’t even mind now. But despite everything, I’d like to believe that good things happen and good people happen and you’re going to be rewarded in some way or the other. Be it in complimentary meals or cancelled classes, I promise you, you are.
So the next time you order food, I hope you get a bottle of Coke free.


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