​The thing is, you never know.
You never knew you’ll be here and you never know where you’re going.
Like your roommate might be bisexual and you could live lives without knowing,

Well, you could be bisexual and live your life without knowing.

You don’t know if you’ll ever return home when you step out, or if you’ll stay alive to wear that dark green dress one more time, yes, the one you’re wearing right now.
You don’t know if you’re looking at a glass of cranberry juice or red wine, not until you taste it.

You never know the person next to you on the metro, she prefers cabs more than metros, maybe she has started developing feelings for that one guy she hooked up with twice last week. But you never know, and nor does she.

You like to smoke, but you never know unless you’re told, you wet the cigarette way too much. You’re an amateur, smoke less, saliva more. But you like it this way, you never know when to stop.

You never knew where to draw the lines, you couldn’t figure out the triangles representing femininity, you stayed within the perimeter of the circle, you never know if math is right for you, but your life is math and you never knew how to subtract correctly, but it’s okay.

You never knew war could be that bad, you always hated history, but did you know archaeology is not just about digging, they found corpses embracing each other, it’s a little about attachment too.

You never know which has more power to save you, a bottle of alcohol or four of someone else’s blood.

But then, if you knew the things you never knew, would your life still be the same?

The thing is, we never know, and sometimes, I wish we did.


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