I’m an extrovert turned introvert

I’m an extrovert turned introvert,

Hey, what’s that?
“Why are you so soft spoken?” 
“Why don’t you ever speak in class?”
“Why are you so intimidated?”
Sssshhhh. Just shut the fuck up.
I swear I talk a lot, but only if you let me speak.
I have a lot to tell, but I also like to listen.
I like long voice notes, 
I don’t care if I’m speaking or listening.
But no, you won’t let me speak
and I won’t go on to tell you
About the right to freedom of speech, expression
And mockery in the form of half eaten Maggi plates
And a little bit of envy.

But hey hey hey, I always was an extrovert, 
and not just on Whatsapp.
Always, always talked a little too much
In class for the teacher to not get angry
But she never threw me out because I asked intelligent questions,
She liked having me in class,
Not like the one who doesn’t even know my name
When I’m Snapchatting some usual debate in class.
But I don’t mind, really,
Because sometimes it gets too loud
and all you need to do is listen, so I do.

I’m an extrovert turned introvert, 
And I’ll tell you why,
I asked the stupidest of questions 
And now I’m satisfied with 
looking down answers from someone else’s notebook.
I talked to people I knew and didn’t and
My friends laughed at me saying I had
A thousand friends all over the world,
Seems like I do,
But none of them are here.
I spoke so much back then people hated me for it,
And now, I forgot how speaking to an audience feels like;
people have started to notice my absence 
more than my presence these days, you see.

Sometimes it hurts, when all you look back and see,
Laugh (lower your voice a little)
Cry (Awww, please don’t cry)
Smile (brighten up everyone’s face)
Talk (honestly, would you never shut up?)
But the saddest part is, they still know as you were,
And you can’t tell them you aren’t, 
For somewhere, you still are.
Laugh (maybe a little louder)
Cry (come out of that bathroom door)
Smile (you’re beautiful)
Talk (only if they let you, I hope they will)

It Fucking hurts for an extrovert to be an introvert,
But I’m not surprised I’m turning into one.


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