Make a wish

Be careful what you wish for, because it always comes true.

Think about it. What about the time you wanted a bicycle so bad you wrote letters to Santa even when it wasn’t Christmas time? And boom, on your next birthday, a brand new red bicycle it was. Only, you wanted a black one.

What about the time you wished you were prettier? Didn’t the geeky guy in your class compliment you? Only, you didn’t blush. And why would you, you were expecting it from someone else, weren’t you?

What about the time you prayed five times a day so that he never leaves you? You hoped with all your might, a little too desperately maybe. No conditions applied. And stay, he did. Only, you now wear those glass bangles you hated, for what else will cover those lines on your wrist?

What about the time you told your mother you hated her? And your sister, that you wished she was dead? Did you remember her crying that night? Did you know they both died a little every time you screamed?

What about the time when you were really, really happy? When you were posing for pictures in front of the big Ferris wheel with your bestfriend, and you wished you could always be smiling that way. Do you still remember your dad calling to say you qualified for the university you applied to? Only, you didn’t go. Afraid, were you? And guilty, are you now?

You wished, and you got what you wanted. But honey, you never looked well enough. Your wishes were fulfilled, right before your eyes, but you always, always looked away. And just like that, when all things exhausted, you wished for something else, something new.
From what they’ve told me, the universe is always listening. So from the next time, be careful what you wish for, for they might, too, come true.


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