Pros and Cons

So you see, as I see it, life is all about making choices. Sometimes the right ones, but mostly, mostly the ones that we regret or learn from. It’s inevitable, making a few mistakes, here and there, now and then.

My Economics tutor always used a particular example when teaching about ‘opportunity cost’, “If you have a glass of milk, and you had to choose between making either tea or coffee, the choice that you don’t make is your opportunity cost. If you go for tea, coffee is your opportunity cost, and vice versa.”

I’m deeply enthralled by this example, and not just on an economic level. Our life is full of opportunity costs. This or that, here or there, today or tomorrow, and the choices we make. Whether to give up your dream job and make time for your family, to finish sketching that half done portrait or make bagels for your partner, to call her at 2 am or to try to go to sleep, and in spite of everything, to live or to not live.

Life is a big, big opportunity cost, my friend. It’ll throw the better and the best for you, except you don’t know which one’s which. And more often than not, we end up choosing worse over just bad. You know what’s the worst part? You might think it’s not coming for you, that you’ve always made the right choices, but it is, oh it definitely is.

So start right there. Make a list of the pros and cons. Give yourself a chance. Think. Choose. Act. This or that? Here or there? Now or never? And it better be now. Because some day, you’d have to choose between the best and the worst, and you might go for the latter, thinking it to be the former. That’s how it is, you never know you’ve chosen correctly, until long after the choice has been made.

Excuse me, tea or coffee?


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