In for a little throwback story? Because I’d love to tell one. So now that Mama is gone, I’d not think of him in his last moments or in the picture of him that my eyes couldn’t bear to see. I will, instead, remember him in the happy moments, in his wit, and definitely in his laugh. So Jiten Mama, Deta’s best friend, was more than just his friend. He was our family’s lifeline, a second pillar. He was the one who fed me on my annaprasan, in lieu of my blood-related Mama, and he was the one who told us the funniest days of their college. But strangely, most of all, I’ll remember a memory of which I was a part of but technically, at a stage when I hadn’t started to remember events.

So it was 27th February, 1998, 9:28 p.m. I was born. Ma was still unconscious, blame the anaesthesia, so Deta and Mama stayed up the whole night looking at me. They didn’t stop or sit for even a minute, let’s not even talk about taking a short nap. Both of them kept on staring at my eyes, like I was a star and they were waiting for me to blink light. And maybe that’s why I understand why he loved me so dearly, he was my Godfather, one of the first ones to hold me, even before Ma did.

What he meant to Ma and Deta, that I won’t write. But now that I’m writing about him, I feel kind of serene, you know. And I’m almost smiling. See, even after he’s gone, he can do that to people.

I know he’s at peace, making everyone laugh over there, and staring at his girlfriend, his wife, his eternal soul mate.

I don’t miss him, you know, but he’ll be on top of the list when I’ll remember people, and that’ll never change.



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