I haven’t posted anything personal on my blog before, but if there exists a word like exception, then why not make use of it? Well, you know, it’s just another story. Here, the only difference is, it’s not about someone I saw at the supermarket a week back or someone whose eyes I’d fallen for. If it’s anywhere close to a disclaimer, I might as well tell you, it is about someone terribly, terribly real.

The beginning is tougher than the ending, and now that I know that we can end sentences (or relationships) whenever and wherever we wish to, but that doesn’t apply for beginnings, I’m almost lost there, but then again, it’s all about losing and finding and keeping all over again.

To the person who taught me wanderlust isn’t just a catchy word, and tattoos are much more than picture goals, I think I owe her one. It’s strange really, that sometimes words like ‘bestfriends’ don’t suffice, and sometimes a worse version of “Smelly Cats” can make you smile more than anything else. Not that she helped me conquer any of my thousand and one phobias, but I did ride with her in her scooty, thrice (?) and attempted to behave like a person eating in a dhaba, well, atleast I tried. She taught me how important it was to make memories, and yet did not make faces when I wanted to take selfies. The only person I totally love having vegetarian food with, the only person whose mother makes the yummiest kulfis in town, the only person who isn’t a bitch but own(ed) a bitch.

You know, while falling asleep a few nights back, I realised, if I could describe a person in one word, what’d that be. When you seem to know someone oh so well, it becomes too laborious to sum them up in a single word. But when I woke up the next morning, I knew. If she had to be a word, she’d be an airport. Because don’t you see how it is, all the landing and flying and everything else, yet so grounded, this, people, is what airports are like. For once, I will abstain from overusing metaphors, because is enough, really enough? I think we know the rest.

Here’s to you, Sargam (with or without the Jain), with underrated statements, unfinished sentences and cranky voice messages, I love you. Bon voyage, with a beating heart and an active mind, and with the little that’s left in the world, called the warmth of words. I’ve finally learnt about ‘no strings attached’ and ‘agree to disagree’. And just so you know, I’m willing to struggle between “distance makes the heart grow fonder” and “out of sight is out of mind”, for you, a thousand times over.

P.S. I didn’t have a word limit but I couldn’t write more, because well, you know, things happen on a larger scale; (,)



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