That’s the weird thing about music. It will always take you back. No matter where you are or what you’re doing or how much you’ve moved on in life, there’ll always be that one song that’ll remind you of that particular person and just like that, you’ll be back in places you’d left years ago.

That’s the thing about music, it can kill as well as heal. People say you shouldn’t listen to romantic songs after a breakup; I believe it’s all about associations. Even listening to a dance number can bring back all the good and bad memories, if it reminds you of the person who left you in a mess. That’s what music does, it makes you go a little weak in the knees just when you thought you’d conquered your hardest days.

People say you should choose your music wisely. And you should, by listening to every genre possible, not limiting yourself to one particular artist or genre, because that’s how you grow, aesthetically and emotionally. If you always listen to jazz, you’d never know the intensity of the blues. If you always listen to Indie pop, you’ll never sway yourself to heavy metal. Listen to all kinds of music, good, bad, weird, crazy-every type, and then choose your most played list, because that’s how music helps you to leave the you, you despise and become the you, you want to be.

That’s the thing about music, they take us back to those lanes we’d almost forgotten we’d walked in. It takes us back to those people we’d almost forgotten existed. It takes us back to those days when our smiles were a little more wider and a little less tight-lipped. It takes us back to who we once were.

That’s the thing about music, it makes us remember things we brag we’d forgotten