I want to write you down. I want to trace every inch of you down on paper. I want to catch you off guard, and hold you till you can’t escape. I want you to hold me back till I almost die out of madness. I want to write about your wholeness and your emptiness. I want to write about you. I want to write you.

My fingers want to explore every part of your territory. I want to fell how a chisel feels while working on a masterpiece. I want to feel how a brush feels while painting a timeless piece of art. I want to bring you down on your knees and explore you. I want to confiscate your mind and ruin your thoughts. I want to create a havoc in your body and mess around with your senses. Because darling, tonight I want to write you down.

Hey you, wait. Aren’t you the one I’ve been waiting for? Aren’t you the sugarcoated words I’ve been dying to hear? Aren’t you the tap of raindrops on my window? Aren’t you the moon on a starless night? Is now the moment I’ve been waiting for? Is now the hour of creative destruction? Is now the time for the world to proclaim our lust and love? Will I write you down tonight?

Tell me your secrets. Let me live with them. Let me die for them. Let me sway around the rhythm of your being. Let me inhale the ecstasy of being around you. Let me be the author of a bestseller never published. Let me read and reread you till I’m tired. Let me quench my thirst. Let me save you. Let me devastate you. Because we won’t be young another time.

Let me write you down, one last time.



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