Tonight has been different. No, it hasn’t been half as exciting as it might sound. It wasn’t any less different and unmonotonous than last night, but tonight has been very, very different.

It was a night of promises. Not the ones lovers make to each other, but the ones people call friends make, just to assure each other they’ll be there, now and always. Promises 18-year olds make to stay in touch forever, to not forget each other, to always be the best of friends, the best of everything. Promises they know won’t last.

Tonight has been a night of regret and unsung glory. It has been a night of reminiscing those bonds and how the thought of those good old days lights up our faces. Tonight has been the night when we’re young, wild and free. We don’t care about the world, because tonight, we are the world.

Tonight has been a night of misery, of broken hearts and midnight phone calls. Tonight has been spent in planning for a bestfriend’s birthday, for we know not if there ever will be a next time. Tonight was enchanting, it will be remembered.

Tonight is our night. It is the same for all of us, yet it means the world to us. Tonight will be spent in the most memorable ways we can think of. Tonight will be our favourite.

On nights like these, I think a lot. Sometimes I manage a smile too. On other rare nights like these, I hug my pillow and weep till I fall asleep. But tonight, it’s going to be different. Tonight, maybe, I’m just going to write.


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