You think I’ll miss you? No, I won’t. You think I can’t live without you? Yes, I can. You think I’m completely, exhaustingly in love with you? No, I ain’t. Then why?

Why do I weep every single time when your name’s taken? Why do I want to cling to you for the rest of my life? Why do I look at you once, twice, and again and again? Why can I never forget you?

You’re deceiving. You talk of good grades and smarter kids. You talk of dreams and aspirations. You talk of making friends. Why didn’t you ever tell me that hearts break here? Why didn’t you ever tell me that here, people don’t make friends, they grow into a family. Why didn’t you tell me that missing you would never ever be enough? Why?

You think you’re the best in the city. You’re not. You’re so much more than that. Your tall gates aren’t barriers, they’re shields. Every disciplinary action, a nurture. Every little harsh word, a blessing. Every step here, an unforgettable memory. Where do I even begin?

Do I talk about all those classes I’d wanted to but didn’t bunk? Or do I say about the endless photographs we had clicked? Do I tell you about that good, old, sacred stage of yours? Or do I simply sit numb at the corner of the auditorium, trying to take in as much as possible?

The breeze will still blow. Their hair will come undone now, not ours. The food will still taste heavenly. They will have it, not us. The classes will still get monotonous sometimes. They’ll sleep during class, not us. There will still be inter-school competitions. They will represent you, not us. There will still be morning assemblies. They will conduct the show, not us. Why did you make us leave? Weren’t we good enough for you? I guess we never can.

Is it goodbye then? For me, it isn’t, it never will be. Goodbyes are heartbreaking. And I guess I’m not strong enough. So, don’t call it a goodbye. Just go, and don’t look back. For I have to leave now, but I leave only to come back again, someday soon. Till then, give me a little more of yourself, please?



5 thoughts on “”

  1. If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello šŸ™‚

    All the best

  2. Truly amazing…felt wonderful while going thru this…do keep up the good work….and yes once a bosconian ever a bosconian

  3. Really amazing…felt nostalgic while going thru this….and yes, once a bosconian ever a bosconian.

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