Yesterday was no different. It was just another birthday of just another friend. Was it? It definitely wasn’t.

It’s overwhelmingly surprising to see the wonders love can do. Not the “I’ll be with you forever” kind of love, but the “let’s make her feel special” kind. The kind of love between friends. The kind of love that does not care if you’re tired, starving or sick. The kind of love that makes you want to make someone else feel loved, wanted, treasured. The kind of love that leads to birthday surprises.

I could say we had an amazing birthday party. I could say we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. I could say we listened to the best songs. That wouldn’t be a lie. But that wouldn’t be the entire truth. It would just be a glimpse of it. Because yesterday was much more than the sum of its parts.

Terraces have something magical about them, don’t they? So do first times. The first time you climb atop a tank, the first time you trust someone to lift you up in their arms, the first time you stargaze, the first time you don’t care about anything in the world, the first time the night sky is brighter than most days, the first time you spend time with the friendliest strangers, the first time you hear a soothing voice strum a guitar with broken strings, the first time you feel at peace.

I’d always wondered what infinity means. When I hear people talking about it, I always find myself at a loss for words. I’d never known how to define it. But yesterday, something changed. Happiness just showed its face.

I won’t say it was the best day of my life, for I know not what life has in store for me. But yesterday gave me moments, precious little moments. And in those moments, I swear we were infinite.


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