Today is World Smile Day and what better is this day if we don’t acknowledge the people who make us smile.
So who are these people who think of crazy ideas and then actually make them happen? Do we know them? Are they among our friends? Let’s find out.

Vishal Hazarika, as we all know, is one of the most dynamic and talented among young Guwahatians. Needless to say, his actions speak a lot louder than any words could. Ladies and gentlemen, the director of yours truly, BufferDuffer!

The creative team, very skilfully headed by Debanga Kalita, writer and story developer.

Whoa wait. Story’s done. But who’ll shoot it? Why need to worry when we have Jugal Pathak and Kalyanjit Dutta? They are, indeed, two of the best videographers in town.

For us, the not-so-techy kind, here we present Hrishikesh Barman and Indrajeet Bhuyan, the developers of their site. Let’s thank them, shall we, for bringing out this beauty for us.

Who’s the one who answers your queries and replies to your messages? Who’s the one who publishes your thoughts? Cheers to Nipam Patowary for his online hospitality.

The journey, BufferDuffer admits wouldn’t have been half as complete without its sub-members Aleeko Hazarika, Ninad Milind Kashyap, Angana Ananya, Archita Rajkumari, Samhita Kaushik and Simanta Barman.

Yes everyone, you can and must say hello to them whenever you find one of them on the streets and thank them for making you smile.
Spare a second, and watch, share, like and subscribe to their awesomesauce video channel BufferDuffer. Have a great day ahead!

Much love. 🙂