The jewellery box.

Shy eyes, smiling lips.

Vermilion, reflected in her tears.

Tears of joy.

The stars were happy.

The moon wasn’t.

You’re like our daughter,

They said.

She heard that. Like our daughter.

Wasn’t one, Couldn’t be.

She knew too well.

Like everyday,

The moon, concealed.



They were wrong,


Pain never led to pleasure.

More pain it was, always.

Mornings were better.

Dining hall, breakfast table.

More people, relief.

Days passed,

Fake smiles,

Lingered in the air.

When he came back home,

You could see the monster

Dancing in his eyes.

Nights, again.

Too long to be escaped.

He was her biggest fear.

Dried up tears,

She had forgotten long back

How to shed them.

Those four walls,

She could never break free.

Photographs on the wall,

Framed beautifully,

Wept each night.

The lights on the ceiling,


They were never lit off.

The floor was tired,

Of embracing the stillness

Of her beauty,

Every dawn.

Dusk was dejected,

Embraced defeat,

every approaching evening.

Fear won. Always.

But how long?

Sleep for eternity,

One day,

She finally did.

Killed her,

Did he?

I am her husband,

He said proudly.


The world did not even mourn.


Every marriage has a victim.


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