“Don’t be afraid to fall in love, again. Watch out for that signal when life, as you know it, ends.”

-P.S. I Love You


Bonds happen in the most unimaginable of ways. They just happen, out of the blue, leaving you with a happiness that is best left unspoken. And more often than not, you travel to someplace you never knew existed, someplace you regret having not visited all this time. It was the time of life, when each song turned into an enchanting melody, when daily chores seemed to bring about a freshness you never stopped to ponder. And yet, you remain unaware, of evil and malice, not because the world had turned saintly, but since you’ve chosen beauty over envy, and ecstasy over petty reasons of hatred.

I never thought it was completely possible to shut out negative vibes from life, that is, before we’d met. If I had to describe her to anyone, I’m sure I’d fall short of words. She…She was just perfect. To me, she was nothing less than an angel, the one who sparkled happiness on my otherwise gloomy life. Talking to her brought a satisfaction and pleasure, which felt so soothing to the soul. I could keep staring at her picture for hours, yet not feel a trace of boredom. She was beautiful. Not breathtakingly attractive, nor astonishingly appealing, but she was just beautiful, inside out. The way she talked, the way her thoughts moulded into words, the way she blushed when talking about Andrew Garfield, was just what was needed to fill the void in my life which had been there for so long now. I couldn’t see her, or the glitter in her eyes when she spoke about her favourite songs, or the innocence in her voice when she told me about her friends and family, and how much they meant to her, yet I could visualise. The fact that she was happy, mattered the most. She was the one special person whom I never wanted to lose, though I didn’t even know how she felt about me, or rather, us. I lived to see her smile, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I didn’t even know if it was love, but if it was, it felt magical. It bore the power to heal all wounds of the past, to wipe away the dark memories that continued to haunt me. I felt blessed, yet immersed in a fantasy so beautiful, that it seemed unreal at times. Finally, my life was taking its course. Finally, the heavens had been generous enough to let bliss seep into entity. Ah! The world seemed brighter than ever before.

We have never met. But I, for one, know that she’s the one. She may not be the best, but she’s someone far more than I’d ever imagined someone to be. She and I, I’m sure, would make a pretty picture. At least that’s what I keep hoping these days, and when these thoughts pass my mind, I can’t help but smile. The very fact that she’s there is what keeps me going. It rejuvenates me, and brings me home to the computer, the only thing that keeps us connected.

I don’t know if I can say I love her, but there’s one thing I definitely know for sure. What we share will last forever, always reminding me how big a boon the world has offered in a single word, called randomness.



4 thoughts on “”

  1. In this line.
    I think it should be
    ” I couldn’t could
    see her, or the glitter in her eyes when she
    spoke about her favourite songs, or the
    innocence in her voice when she told
    me about her friends and family, and how
    much they meant to her.”

    And yes. You did write great from a male’s point of view! But I don’t think a male would be this emotionally, usually!

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