She sat there for a long time, thinking. She knew that it was no point making things complicated, yet she couldn’t stop herself from thinking. She felt a strong urge to run away; to hide in a place where she knew no one, where she wouldn’t be judged.

Why did people pass a remark at her so often? Why didn’t anyone understand that it was possible for them to be no more than just friends? But somewhere deep down, she knew. She knew, that in our society, where hearts are ruled by taboos, and holding hands enough for people to raise eyebrows, she being with him for hours, alone? It was out of the question. A bitter smile passed through her lips…till yesterday, she was the ideal daughter everyone appreciated, and today, the kids of her apartment were advised to stay away from her. She remembered the conversation with her mother the day before. Yes, she agreed. She could have been more careful, for sure. There is no point trying to justify your deeds now, her mother had told her. She could do nothing but nod silently. She had no choice left afterall. But though she couldn’t say anything, she wanted to. She wanted to say a thousand things. She wanted to scream at the world for judging her. She wanted to question everyone around her about the “crime” she had committed. Was her mistake really that bad that it couldn’t be mended ever? She wanted the world to know how she felt. But as her friend had said, “This is India and here, people stare. And no matter how much you want or try, you just CANNOT change the way people think.”

But, silent as she became, she was not someone to shut herself up for long. So she decided; if she couldn’t, through words, she will, through actions. She wanted to show the world that she can. She can succeed despite of the hurdles on her way. With a firm belief in herself, and a positivity forming on her mind, she sat to pen down her first story…her story.


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