So many issues worry us every day. It is natural, since we have entered into a stage called adolescence-the gateway to adulthood. Everyone is familiar with the term “adolescence”. But, if questioned, ‘WHAT IS ADOLESCENCE?’ I am sure most of us would probably give the definition from the Science book. According to me, adolescence is that stage of life, when we are “TOO GROWN UP FOR SOME TASKS WHILE TOO YOUNG FOR OTHERS”. I feel it to be the most happening part of one’s life; we can live our life to the fullest through this period.

There are some, amongst us, who fight over petty matters…but there are still others who make the most of this period through numerous means. I confess, even me and my pals had some really silly arguments, but the best part was, each one of us learnt at least some lesson from those fights. Aptly, those were “blessings in disguise” for us; they helped in the formation of our character.

We often feel strongly about many issues that we, ourselves do not know. I would give a small example. I thought that my friends were happy-going, fun-loving people like me. But, as I got to know them better, I realized that some other kind of persona was hidden in them. They could present their views on a wide range of topics like corruption, literature etc. But mostly, as their classmates did not have time for such “boring” stuff, it was a bit tough expressing those views.

 The point to be noted here is not why the others find it boring, the question is, what are they interested in?? The answer is easy-phones, movies, celebrities, internet… BUT, will even a single adolescent of that group be able to answer about the history and development of the gadgets in use? Or can they take part in an active and healthy criticism of the movies they watch? The answer is unfortunately in the negative.

The reason for this is, we do not try to explore things…we do not feel the need to inculcate the deeper meaning of whatever we do, which is why, even as the world has seen RAPID progress in the field of science and technology, the world has also seen RAPID degradation in the morale of its people.

 The fault is ours, and the harm cannot be undone. But, we can try out some strategies for ourselves so that we can proudly say, “I am a teenager, and I mean to change the society” so that we stop being blamed and start getting appreciated. Come, let us prove to be the blessed ones of our family, our society and our world…
























































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